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Monday, April 19, 2010

Superboy update

A couple night ago we went out to eat after a small birthday celebration for Dad's mom. We finally decided on Mexican and went to the closest place we knew of. It was a long night, it was late, the kids were hungry and rowdy, and I just wasn't dealing with it all that well, especially Superboy. At one point he decided to crawl under the table, and Pony Gal noticed him down there eating something off the floor. I grabbed him and pulled him up and we left not long after. Fast forward to 4 a.m. the next morning, and he is puking on me. Nice. Repeat at 5 a.m. Apparently whatever he ate off the floor gave him a round of  food poisoning. He ended up not being able to keep anything down until later, around lunch time. Hopefully it will settle with him, and he won't be trying to eat any items off the floor anymore.

So, today, I am nursing him (and this is totally unrelated, but simply more Superboy-ism) and he points at his bottom and tells me it is his butt. Very good. Then he grabs his boy parts and apparently this is called his tail. Chuckling. I try to correct him, but he is very adamant about it being his tail. I guess it is a fairly benign description of what it is if we're in public, unlike his use of where mommy milk comes from, in which case his statement is "boobies". Little boys.

He's also been going to sleep rather well at night, just laying down with us when we do, no need to nurse anymore. I gotta say I'm a little relieved. He and Pony Gal have been playing fairly well together, and he has been keeping clothes on a lot more. He generally asks for clothes and shoes before playing outside, though not always. Sometimes he feels like he is running behind, and just jets out the door after his sister. His vocabulary grows a lot every day-though not always in ways we like. He loves the Transformers movies, and his latest vocab pick up was "oh Sh*t" . I tried to redirect him to another choice, but he really likes to sound like what he heard. I haven't heard it since, but he does have choice times he likes to pull that stuff out. Kind of like when he yells "Go away" to the poor old ladies standing in line behind us at Home Depot or growling at his grandparents when they visit.

All boy. Well, except the fetish for his sister's jewelry and high heels :)

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