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Monday, April 5, 2010

Being Sick Makes Me So Behind

I do a lot-all the time. Even my down days I end up doing some. I am a do-er. I have been very, very sick for a week now, and unfortunately it has meant that NOTHING has gotten done. I mean, so far as Pony Gal has been feeding Arthur his bottles and the kids have been mostly feral. Today I have more energy which means more can begin to be caught up, but I still cannot swallow more than liquids without excruciating pain. I am hoping that the energy boost and lack of fever means the antibiotics are working. I am not usually a run to the doctor gal, but I was/am still that sick. This time of year is one of the worst, too. There is so much to do. Right now my list, now longer as half of it is carried over from last week when I was in bed the entire week save a few false moments I thought I might be improving then got hit harder than before:
*Finish putting chicken wire over west half of goat fence so chickens and young animals can run there safely and stay contained.
*Clip chicken wings so they cannot jump the fence. One acre is more than enough for those dingy birds.
*Clean out chicken coop and move to an aging pile to future garden use.
*Clean out goat barn and more directly to new garden plots to be tilled in once things are dry enough.
*Build half wall with door in goat barn so the little guys are separate from the big ones and no longer in Dad's garage as this bothers him. I haven't the slightest idea why ;)
*Clean out rabbit cage.
*Brush rabbits profusely and figure out why Bunny suddenly is picking on Princess Pi; possible figure out way to separate them before big hutch is finally completed.
*Prune fruit trees of old growth-too late for anything other than that as they are budded out.
*Clear out permanent beds and start mulching with something. I can't decided what to use this year. I like the look of woods chips, but I hate to use money.
*Run line between posts for possible grape growth *if* they made it through the winter. I haven't gotten a close enough look yet as the kids keep asking for four wheeler rides when I have it out.
*Clean up last year's garden plot; give collards that are now trying to regrow to livestock as special treat, put tomato cages in tidy pile for use in new garden.
*Mow the lawn. Already we need to mow the lawn.
*Install hose hangars at outlets so they can be put away.
*Check into gravel prices and allot money accordingly.
*Transplant more seedlings into pots. Water everything. Start transitioning houseplants to patios.
*Sow all the annual flowers, either in their baskets or spots in the garden.
*Heading to store today for long list of necessities.
*Plant quince shrubs
The insanity has begun...

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