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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Bit on Our Approach to Meal Planning

We have different nights of the week planned with what food we are going to eat-Mondays are beef, Tuesdays Pork, Wednesdays Chicken, Thursdays Beans, Fridays Seafood/Veg, and the weekend tends to be up in the air as we are often gone. As far as sides, there is always a vegetable, often salads as they are fast and easy, and some starchy item like bread or tortillas or potatoes.  As far as breakfasts and lunches, we just go with what we feel like. I make a point to keep my cupboards stocked with options-dough for bread on hand for sandwiches or pizza at anytime, stir fries or salmon patties, salads, hot dogs-all options for lunch. Breakfast is almost always eggs or pancakes with meat. That's what my kids eat! It doesn't have to be fancy. If I start to get bored, I use the food network, and various blogs and newletters I stumble upon on the internet to help me out, plus I am always clipping things that look good. I try to make at least one thing that is "different" each week, but if we get busy, it may be burgers, pizza, tacos, chili and a freezer meal-nothing fancy there, but all good :) I will try to post a sample of what a week of eating here on the farm looks like as soon as I remember to keep track of it.

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