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Monday, March 22, 2010

Abby, Abby how does your garden grow...

I thought I'd post a bit about my (finally) starting this year's gardening. I will post the outdoors plans sketches later, but for now, these are my seedlings and what has sprouted this week. As soon as I get a set of true leaves on them, I'll transplant them into yogurt cups. (Mama P take note...some of these transplants will be headed your way in late April!)

 Lemon Basil, on 3/21

Giant Pascal Celery, just a few coming up, 3/21

Oregano, 3/21

Monstropolgi Celeriac, 3/21

Chinese Pac Choi, 3/21

Red Acre Cabbage, 3/21

Sweet Italian Basil

Medford Tomato

Thompson Broccoli

Early Snowball Cauliflower


Violetta Italia Cauliflower

Copenhagen Market Cabbage

Evesham Special Brussels Sprouts

DeCicco Broccoli

All these were started on 3/16, and these pictures are of their progress as of 3/21. Bear with me here-I blog better than I journal, so this will serve as my gardening journal, and you can now snoop :)

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