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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Nourished Kitchen Real Food Challenge

I believe that our country has a *serious* issue with understanding what real, actual, FOOD is. Food rarely comes from a box, unless it has been slightly processed (read: ground for your convenience) for you. Real food is simple. No list of ingredients is needed (okay, so chocolate chips has ingredients, and in our household, are a necessity for sanity). Quite some time ago we emptied our house of most fake food. Here recently, though, it has started creeping back in. Wife (yes, me) has let some nasty food habits of Daddy-O slide, even aided in his sliding, and it was well time to turn things around again. It wouldn't be a huge deal-let him do this thing, while the rest of the household does theirs, but I am no pillar of strength, and was slip-sliding with him.
Enter The Nourished Kitchen Real Food Challenge for the month of February.
It was just what I needed to get back on track. Something to help push me again towards my goals of full-time real eating. Yesterday was day one. The plan of action we were to take was to clear the crap out of the house. This included *gasp* pasta-something I hadn't bought in ages, but had just purchased for the kids' lunches. Going to the birds. White flour. Sorry, Dad, Mom is concerned with you living past the age of forty. Anything that I can't pronounce. I will give Dad that the crackers he likes, I let slide, because their list of ingredients is wheat, salt, oil. Not even flour. Wheat. I make nut crackers for the rest of us, and it was high time to start again. I have to admit it is hard for me to purge groceries, but it really is one of the best ways to not be tempted.
Day two, today, involves filling up with real food-grassfed meats, cheeses, raw milk if possible (someday soon my goats will be milking!), organic fruits and vegetables. Full fat dairy. Whole grains, and flour/meals, as well as nut and nut meals. Good, old fashioned saturated fats like coconut and palm, raw sugars like honey, real maple syrup, rapadura, and fermented foods, which I have to admit are one of my hardest, as I just have mastered that talent, yet. Soon.
I went to Costco yesterday and spent quite a bit on a lot of veg we were out of, and have orders with several bulk groups coming soon. We also buy out meat that we don't grow ourselves in bulk. And, our seed order just needs to be sorted and sent in. I love that part of our real food we even grow ourselves. I am itching to get things going, for sure.
If you are interested in following what's happening, or join in, visit the Nourished Kitchen.

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  1. I feel the same way. I have been working to get rid of the processed foods. I concentrate the most on meat and dairy being organic and local because those items are the most taxing on the environment and it takes a lot of steps to make a raise a cow, milk her and then make cheese or yogurt.

    My biggest challenge is I live with my Mother In-law in her house and although I do most of the cooking, she likes to help by buying groceries. Some day I will (keep your fingers crossed it's soon) I will have my own kitchen and I will get to find out what it's like to if I can run a completely real food kitchen.


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