Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thoughts from the weekend

1. When eating barbecue, wouldn't it seem better to have a heavy duty, dark colored cloth napkin rather than a stack of thin paper ones? At least, would it not be nice to have a stack of napkins on the table rather than having to ask for them? If it weren't for the place we were going being closed (more on this in the next thought) we would have never ended up at the large but not that great place in Toona Town for barbecue. Not impressed, as usual. Guy Fieri should come to Iowa. (Yup, I just totally said which state we live in. I never was happy with hiding anything).

2. If your coffeeshop has been closed for two years, take it off the sign of your giftshop. Serious disappointment. I won't be going to your gift shop, no matter how cute, as I was pretty upset about the lack of responsibility in letting us know your food was no longer available. All I wanted was a good cup of coffee.

3. McDonalds is not my first choice in anything, but when I NEED some stinking coffee, theirs is not awful. That being said, put a sign out SOMEWHERE when you manage to RUN OUT of coffee. I was so disappointed on the coffee front yesterday.

*Note, I even smuggled coffee into church in my water bottle. Wasn't insulated, though, so I never got to drink it as it was too hot to hold. I did finally get coffee after church at the coffeehouse I used to play at in town there. It was good, and much anticipated. I made coffee first thing this morning so as to not repeat yesterday's misery. :)

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