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Monday, January 11, 2010

Five Minute Artisan Bread experiments

I love the 5mad bread, I do, but after a while I get bored. With everything. Recently I not-so-accidentally forgot to put the dough in the refrigerator after it's initial mixing and rise. In fact, I forgot to put it in for like two days. Yesterday I went ahead an checked it over. It was still bubbly-thus the yeast was still alive, and the fermented/sour smell was fabulous-not too much, but far more pronounced than the regular bread. It was thinner/wetter than normal, but by adding a little more flour to what I was taking out, I was able to use it to make several things. The texture and flavor was very good. Now, you wouldn't be able to continue this very long without adding more flour and stirring each day-basically treating it like a sour dough starter, or it would die and just rot. I am going to keep experimenting to see what/how of treating it like a starter, but everyone in our house loves and prefers sour dough, so I would like to see how this works. I also just found a post at thekitchn.com for making a good sandwich bread with the dough. I know the book had recipes, but I was impressed with their version. I am going to try the Kitchn's guidelines and see how they work, and will post back.

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