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Monday, November 2, 2009

Superboy's Second Birthday, Part One

On Superboy's actual birthday, we opened the gifts from me and Dad, and went out to eat at the local pizza place with my Mom and sister.

His hat-my first foray into cabling, which is way easy. I love the yarn-a bulky from Brown Sheep I bought in the town of covered bridges.
His super driving cape...

Raggedy Andy Doll ( I bought this one)
Dinner at the Checkerboard
Blowing out his ice cream while the waitresses sang happy birthday to him. He didn't touch the ice cream, but he really liked being sang to




Then coffee and dessert for the rest of us at the coffeehouse across the street.

Notice Superboy's cardigan I knitted to match his hat.




  1. footwasher said...

    love the pic! it looks like Superboy's birthday was fun! i LOVE his hat, do you use a cable needle for that? great job, mom!

  2. I didn't. I just used an extra double point.


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