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Friday, November 13, 2009

Green Gifts Fair Preview

Woman's skirt from bed sheet

Here are most of the items I will have for sale on Sunday at the Green Gifts Fair, happening at the Des Moines Social Club on Sunday, most of the day. If you want to shop locally, and eco-friendly this year, come check it out! There are some awesome vendors going to be there, ranging from handmades, to beauty products, to massage gift certificates, and so much more!

Little boys' pants refashioned from a man's dress shirt
Little Girls' Dress refashioned from a woman's shirt

Hand Crocheted, lightly felted, 100% hand spun and dyed wool coasters
Girls' skirt with coffee theme made from reclaimed fabric

Girls' skirt made from reclaimed fabric

Girls' skirt made from reclaimed fabric,and hand embroidered with reclaimed embroidery thread and button
Blue crocheted oval rag rug from reclaimed fabric

Red and Mint crocheted runner rug from reclaimed acrylic yarn

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