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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dryer Love

Where, or where, has an electric dryer been all my adult life (so far)? Oh. my. gosh. I had so many people comment on how dumb it would be to switch from a propane dryer to an electric one. Really? Because, even without my dream of having my own electric source (like a wind turbine or solar panels) the thing is great. It takes electric to run the gas dryer, folks. Propane, well, it is not cheap, and has to be vented outside. With my electric dryer, I can vent inside, which recaptures the energy that would be lost doing so outside, in the form of much needed humidity, especially with Pony Gal's asthmatic tendencies, and heat. That dryer heats the upstairs level to well above what the furnace is set to faster than the furnace usually can,and with less energy cost. It also dries faster than my gas dryer due to the fact that being vented inside leaves it with less length to travel. The gas dryer was fairly inefficient due to the length of vent hose needed to make it outside from where the dryer sat in our laundry room. Many folks like to comment on the indoor venting issue, arguing that during the summer it makes the house unbearable, and also increases the risk of mold and mildew issues. But, during warm months, I dry on a clothesline outdoors,and we can totally hook the hose back up to the outdoor vent if needed, but really shouldn't be. As far as mildew, not an issue if the thing is run regularly, and not in already humid, warm conditions that fungi like to thrive in. So in short...I love my new laundry set up (I also got an he wash machine. Not my first choice, but in weighing the options, price and the fact that Dad insisted on a matching set, well...). I am actually caught up for the first time in ages. I have been avoiding the first poopy pants run, but will get to it soon, as the bucket is getting full. Luckily, Superboy is potty training very well, and poopies are his easier to catch movements. Pee is easy to wash, so yay for that!

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