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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just Not Cool

I think each parent has their right to discipline their child as they see fit. I do not agree with corporal punishment, personally, but to each his own. Unfortunately, I think what I witnessed today was not okay. If you choose to spank your child as discipline, I think these rules should apply:
1. Do not subject the rest of us to it. I was abused as a child. I would rather not relive that through you doing it to your own child. Go to the restroom. Go the car. Go home.
2. Have a good reason for using discipline of that magnitude. If you are going to use it, use it wisely. A tired, bored, hungry, frightened, overstimulated (all of these describe the poor three year old little boy today) child does not deserve a spanking. He deserves patience and understanding. That meeting was not *that* important. That little boy did not want to be in tumbling anyhow. How about wait a year? Most certainly do not drag him around by his arm. Do not slap him across the back. Do not beat him on his bottom. Do not yell at him and fling him around. Love him. Try it. Go ahead. Try other ways of solving the situation before you start laying a hand on him. He is little. Still a babe. Honestly folks.
I was sickened by what I saw today. If I witness it again, I will be saying something. It was reprehensible to be treating another human being, let alone a three year old little boy this way.


  1. Heather said...

    Ditto. He was "misbehaving" because he isn't ready to be in tumbling. Did you hear her tell him he was okay. The welt on his back suggested otherwise.

  2. Abby said...

    I can't believe she was not completely embarrassed. I would feel so ashamed to act that way in public. Look at Asher running around and screaming. Granted, I took him out to the van at one point, but that was to change his diaper :) I did hear her say he was okay. He was so not okay. That was just what I saw, too. They were there just as long as we were. I don't want to know what else she deems as okay if that was okay in public.

  3. MeanestMommy said...

    Oh, that's so sad. :(

  4. juliecache said...

    sorry for everything you described. ugh.


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