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Friday, July 31, 2009

Marion County Museum

I wasn't able to go through the entire museum, as Superboy was pretty tired and fussy, but what I did see was pretty cool. Everything has been donated here,and there is a lot of stuff. It has wonderful displays of clothing from periods dating back to the 1800's, military items, old fashioned phone displays, toys, tons of books that you can actually read (not check out, but read). That was just the first building. They also have several others that are historical buildings moved from the original home in order to share and preserve them with the community. From what I hear, they are just as cool. I hope to go back, maybe with a group of homeschoolers, and see it all. Pony Gal really enjoyed it, and even Dad had to admit there was some neat stuff there. The admission was cheap; $2 for adults, $1 for kids. Definitely worth it.
I got a picture of a loom, here, as well as one of Pony Gal looking at one of the many custom, hand built by the guys who help run the place cases full of history. The men involved are easily in their 80's but come down and open the place on request and tell you stories about different items on display. Very neat.

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