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Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 20 Meal Plan Monday (as well as the week's schedule)

It never fails that as soon as I let my weekly meal planning slack, our food budget skyrockets out of control. We end up eating things I buy on a whim, but wouldn't usually, and eating out waaaay too much. I feel like crap, the kids have bad attitudes, not good. So, here is week one in starting over again. I also notice that if I don't plan our week out in advance we end up all over the place, wasting gas and time instead of taking care of things out here like we need to. So, in addition to the meal plan, I have my notes for the week. Our meals for now are based on the ideas of Joseph Mercola. I know that when we eat the way he believes (for the most part his ideas are very similar to Jordan Rubin's Maker's Diet and Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions) we all visibly benefit. It is a manner of eating I believe in, save one thing on his part. I like to add sourdough bread back into the mix once we achieve our goal, whether it be weight loss or solving a health problem. We also appreciate our pork, though we are careful to buy pastured pork from reliable sources like Stoneyfield Farm or the Harvest Barn.

Monday:Chiropractor and coffeehouse pickups; check on Reid's birds; Elk and Beer Stew
Tuesday:Auntie Andi visit; Curried Lentils with Chicken
Wednesday:Hot Sausage Pizza
Thursday:Pony Gal's Choice
Friday: Chiro and garage sales if they are close; Dad's choice
Saturday: Salad/snack night
Sunday: Dear friend's party


  1. So Monday actually ended up being Casey's Pizza night via Grandma B since I was and still am, sick. Going to try to cook tonight.

  2. aka Sunday night eat like crap night...but there is a salad and potato bar!


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