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Monday, April 13, 2009


Lately, as more folks get more and more aware of how they eat and where their food comes from, I have been fielding questions about where we get our meat. So, this will be short and sweet, but here are the links to our preferred, and much trusted providers. Don't see birds on the list? We do those ourselves :)

*Edited to note that blogger did not load the whole post. There were links. Then I got Jill's message about where they were, and I thought, hmmm. So I check, and wouldn't ya know. So, here we go....*

Beef products we are buying through Ebersole Cattle Company. The lady of the operation is the older sister of someone I went to high school with, and respect greatly. She is one of those right of the mainstream types who also unschools, attachment parents and tries to do things with regards to *real* health. They pasture their cattle, often with a corn finish for flavor. This company is completely trustworthy, and trying to make it as a small grass operation, rather than taking the feedlot approach, but like all of us depends solely on developing a solid customer base. They offer whole, half, and quarter beef shares as well as some custom and ground beef only packages. We really like the flavor and texture of the meat we have purchased with them so far, and are looking forward to our whole beef purchase in the fall.

For pork we recently started purchasing through Stoneyfield Farm near Knoxville. This pastured pork operation is run by a wonderful young family, also just trying to make it doing things the "right" way. We have enjoyed our half hog andhave plans for a whole one the next time around.

As for lamb, we are hoping to purchase some sheep for both meat and shearing purposes this year, as soon as we are able to get the back pasture ready. We also will have goats coming and may look into some chevon possibilities later. For the meantime, friends of ours purchased a lamb earlier this year, and if anybody is interested in a local one, I am sure mama p can post her source in the comments.

Otherwise, that is where we stand on meat products. We don't really eat fish unless its store bought tuna or fresh water fish we catch ourselves during the snowless months.


  1. That would be great!! THANK YOU!!! btw, are you going to sell some of your extra seedlings that you started??

  2. Um, Abby...I'm a little slow today, but I don't see your "meat links". Is it just me?

  3. What will you charge for whole chicken? If you can tell me at park day that would be great. We eat lots of it!!!!


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