Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, April 20, 2009

The "plan" for this week...

My weeks run Monday to Sunday, just so you know...
-Liv's choice for dinner, which was Chili with Cheddar Bay biscuits
-One load dishes
-Two loads laundry cleaned and dried
-Vacuum and pick up living room and dining room
-Feed & water chickens and collect eggs
-Family chiropractic appointments in Altoona
-Groceries, post office, bank and library as necessary
-Lunch with Andrew
-During Asher's late nap, balance checkbook and work on May's budget

-Andrew's Choice for dinner, which he hasn't decided on yet
-One load dishes
-Two loads laundry cleaned and dried
-Vacuum and clean master bed and bath
-Feed and water chickens and collect eggs
-Playdate here with SWG
-During Asher's late nap-Put laundry away

-Sandwich Night, most likely Bacon and Cheese
-Two loads laundry cleaned and dried
-One load dishes
-Feed and water chickens, and collect eggs
-Wash and put on fresh bedding on all slept in beds
-During Asher's Nap-Farm billing and paperwork
-Most Likely a Grandma B visit

-Pizza Night
-One load dishes
-Two loads laundry washed and dried
-Vacuum and clean Liv and Asher's rooms, hallway and main bath
-Feed and water chickens, collect eggs
-Park Day in town

-Crockpot Night-Ribs this week
-One load dishes
-One load laundry cleaned and hung out
-Family chiropractic appointment
-Lunch with Andrew
-Day with Num
-Garage Sales
-Set up camper wherever we decide to camp (this weekend looks great, I am thinking we are headed to Chariton for our first time out. May lend services to dear friends there :) )
-Hiking near sales or camping site.
-Take care of birds

-Catch up day if we stay home, camping if not.
-Stop by farm to check on birds, collect eggs
-Meet guy at Mom's to pick up junk motorcycles
-Help Stamps with tractor purchase

-Rest, after chickens are taken care of
-Mexican night, most likely SW Chicken Salad from Jordan Rubin book


  1. I think I left the kitchen out...Wednesday, vacuum, clean and mop kitchen. There we go. And switch bedding to Thursday.

  2. Fridays have become one of my favorites...:) i love that i'm close and slowed down enough that I can be with you & yours. love you!


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