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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Greeniness Continues

So, to explain the corny title, my dryer, which has been slowly taking longer and longer to dry clothes (equals more and more money), finally crapped out yesterday. It is not quite season for outdoor drying, so I am left trying to get my clothes dry without a dryer. I have Harold's downstairs, which I will use for now. My in-laws mentioned bringing his up and just replacing ours with his. Cost effective enough, but I wanted better. We thought about all our options, about how we knew we would eventually get solar and wind power run to the house but the big word there was EVENTUALLY. Not now. So in the meantime, do we get another gas dryer or an electric in anticipation of the eventual free power. My answer? Neither. A while back I was reading an article on a couple who had done what we have been in the process of-built a house new, with what they could afford, then turned around and started greening it out as things needed replacing. They mentioned indoor drying systems in that article, which picqued my interest. I am taking my dryer puking to take that plunge. I ordered two indoor retractable clothes lines from Sears last night. They will come to 120 feet of line when totally strung out, and with room in both the laundry room and the basement, I have areas that can be converted, especially when they can be retracted whenever not in use. It helps keep clothes from wearing out as quickly, and adds moisture to the air during dry winter months. And the continuing cost? NOTHING. Yay! I am excited for their arrival. The nice thing is that I am really not happy with them, I can easily just go ahead and use Harold's dryer, or purchase one for me and the amount of money out is minimal. But I don't see that happening. With such a huge house, it only makes sense to make use of more of the empty spaces.

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