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Sunday, March 22, 2009


Not trying to whine here. I was just thinking about the many things that are going down in our household-and how many of them I believe can be helped with a more aggressive stance on what we eat. Starting with Superboy: well, he actually seems to be doing pretty well with the exception of teething and a slight cold. But, young folks are the most important to imprint with healthy food. They are building brain cells and body parts like crazy, and need nutrients. Most of the country is malnourished and overfed. And teeming with preservatives, chemicals and the like. But most the country is also blind to it, thinking that the answer to their problems lie in manufactured food, like low fat this, fat free that, 100 calorie packs, fiber added, on and on. The reason I ended up on tv last week? I was shopping in the produce section. 75% of what we buy is from the produce section (though I look forward to nearly nothing coming from there as the growing season starts). When I was checking out, I was THE ONLY PERSON in all the checkout lanes with fresh produce in my cart. And there were most definitely people who were getting their week or so's worth of groceries. Its sad. Very, very sad.
Anyway...next up is Pony Gal. Pony Gal has a couple knocks against her Superboy does not. She was born two months premature, was on formula due to me drying up after three months of pumping, had all her vax up to date up until about two years ago, and has been on antibiotics once. We have noticed, more obviously so as of late, that she has a serious touch sensibility. I used to work with autistic children, so I kind of recognized it a while ago, but brushed it off. Until recently when she always refuses jeans unless she absolutely has to, would prefer nakedness (though who wouldn't right?) and screams each time the chiro touches her. Just touches. And not sassy screams, full out, in pain screams. Do I think my child is autistic? Absolutely not. But I do think that she could be experiencing the after effects of either prematurity or routine vax her first couple years of life. She has an on-again, off-again bedwetting issue as well.
One of my foremost concerns with me is my weight. I have no grand ideas of looking like a supermodel, but would definitely be in better health if I weighed less. I also want to consider kids in the future, and would no way be able to go through that the way I like (vba2c, at almost home) if I don't' lose some. I have started swelling over night, again, which I hate, and know for certain is remedied when I follow a more traditional foods regimen. I also have an on and off deep breast pain-like a big old bruise-that I suspect to be some form of a yeast infection, though there are no other signs. I have also been insanely worn out, and that has resulted in me falling behind in a lot of my normal routines and activities. I was also having a lot of insomnia and indigestion at night no matter what or when I ate.
Thus far, things are going well. I have dropped 6 pounds, and feel one hundred percent better. I am looking forward to the long term benefits, and possibly reaching my year end goals a little early, as far as health is concerned.

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  1. Good for you!

    I had to stop by and say that I live by a Sugar Creek, too. We had a business called Sugar Creek Carriage for 10 years and just recently quit that business. Anyway, just wanted to say hi. :-)


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