Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, February 16, 2009

Seriously? Seriously???!!!???

My week, starting last Thursday:
Thursday: Awoke to the chicken coop burning to the ground.
Friday: Insurance agent calls to say coop isn't covered, do we want her to fight it? Um, YEAH. Gah.
Saturday: No husband most the day as he was off at a man, er, swap meet.
Sunday: The flippin' outdoor clothesline broke. Looks fixable at least. But isn't fixed yet. So I am down to the indoor rack, as the dryer has never been fixed, because I had the clotheslines. Now my skivvies are spread across the back deck.
Monday: Ran errands and spent time with friends, but shoulder hurt like a son of a gun on the way home leading to incredibly crabby evening and rare super spat with hubby, which was resolved, but anyway.
Tuesday:Fairly uneventful. Really. Just drained all day, and we didn't get to see our usual Tuesday friends, though, we did have other close ones come out for a bit.
Wednesday: My house got broken into tonight while we were in town. The house was actually unlocked, but the doofuses/doofusi? went out through the front window, leaving the screen off and leaving footprints. Big, manly footprints. We called the police, they looked around (they happened to be two houses down on a call about rowdy four wheelers) told us it was good to call, but none of us could see anything we could do. Nothing we could see was missing, which creeps me out. What did they want? Just snoopy teenagers (there seems to be a lot of them on this road). I have been pretty good about keeping the place locked, but left in a hurry this evening as I was running late. *Shiver*
So, hoping this is the end of a week of crapola. Seriously. I rarely have runs of nasty luck like this. Oh, but wait, there are the coyotes that keep getting closer and closer each night. I suppose they'll be the author of the next thing I have to whine about. We'll see. Hrumph.


  1. Abby said...

    I will say the insurance company did turn around and say they would cover part of the damage-better than nothing, but there was quite a bit that is getting left out. The adjuster is a nice guy, and helped us finagle a few things to up the amount a smidgen. So, because I wasn't busy enough, I get to take pictures of EVERYTHING we own to make sure it makes it on the schedule. For the next time I burn something down at dawn.

  2. Sarah said...

    Randy's all hot to trot on getting a .22, which would take out a coyote. Um, I mean, the gun would, in theory, kill a coyote. At any rate, we could come practice. As long as we kept far, far away from the livestock, lol.

    I'm sorry you've had such a crappy time lately.


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