Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, February 20, 2009


Yeah, so at the beginning of the week this was my day to stay home and recover from a pretty hectic couple of weeks. You wanna know what happened instead?
*Friend dropped off daughter because her grandmother, who usually watches her was puking earlier this week, went to dr, sent to hospital, and uh by Friday, exploratory surgery. Holy cow. But, anyway, extra kid.
*Ran out door with no socks (but I did have boots on at least), Asher had no pants, Liv had no coat, and I didn't have the carseat I needed to get said extra child to preschool. She was late, and thank goodness we weren't in an accident-I was able to finagle (sp?) a carseat-esque setup by wedging her in the backseat between the other two seats and using the belt positioner on Liv's seat to bring the seatbelt a little closer to her.
*Got kid to preschool late.
*Flew to Swain for adjustment, which I was late for.
*Ran over to McManus to get aforementioned carseat from hubby's car since he was supposed to leave this morning anyway.
*Picked up some deer jerky from McManus lobby to share with kids. (Why does this matter-oh, you'll see)
*Headed to bank to open actualy business account for farm.
*While opening account son pukes up deer jerky that he shoved far too much of in mouth all over lobby. Tellers not so happy.
*Get account open amidst screaming children and leave.
*Skiddadle over to personal account bank to deposit more of tax refund from credit union account to pay for the never ending pit of a blazer's new repairs.
*Head back to preschool to pick up kid.
*Turn right back around to be nice and go have lunch with hubby.
*Oh, before I went into the chiropractor I did put pants and socks on Asher.
*Drove through Hollander for much needed coffee fix with money husband gave me.
*South bound to Indianola to Wal Mart for oil change supplies, groceries andpower converter for in car use. No power converters. Goober hubby jsut needs to give me mine back. But that's another story.
*After screaming wild children through walmart, finally make it to last stop which is for straw for chickens nests, which is terribly difficult to come by here lately.
*Threaten to throw all minors in the vehicle in the river on the way home.
*Finally make it home, thrown straw at the bottom of hte driveway for later dispersal.
*Run inside with boy and finally get to go pee. Now I get to carry in groceries.
*OH, and while I'm out I get a call that our future dog needs to become our current dog like yesterday or the local humance society wants to take from my mom's because she just "isn't home enough". So picked up a few dog supplies as well.
Oy. I need a personal assistant. And a margarita.


  1. OH MY!!! You deserve/need some chocolate! I'll eat a piece or 3 for you!

  2. So what you're saying is that you had a good day?

    I think I would have been done after the bank puking.


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