Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, January 30, 2009

Being Sick

Since Pony Gal's premature birth, I have always been hyper-vigilant about us spreading our sickness elsewhere, and tend to get peeved when others do not at least give a heads up. Unfortunately, I have been pretty lax here lately about staying home. With the frigid weather, our whole household has been inundated with cabin fever. It seems that getting out of the house is about the only way to help. We really don't get sick too frequently, though. This most recent cold, from which I am currently suffering, is really cruddy, though. Superboy and I were both up all night with earaches and my throat is terribly swollen. To anyone we have been around, I apologize. Unfortunately I think this stuff hit and didn't show symptoms right away because it was just overnight that the whole house started getting icky, and ickier...I thought I had escaped it.
Now, that being said, as the kids get older, I have gotten lax in avoiding others who are sick, as well. I believe a little bit of this or that now and then helps to build the immune system, as much as it sucks to ride it out. That is also why we are delaying and avoiding certain vaccinations for Superboy, and nixing continuation of some of the ones Pony Gal got as a baby (much to the doctor's chagrin).
I know not everyone is up for being sick, and had it been feverish or pukey, we totally wouldn't have ventured out. I do wait a day or two after I see stuff pop up to make sure it isn't more than a cold, but for Sarah at the Sci Center yesterday, I hope we didn't pass this too you. It escalated after we left to some serious crabbiness, but it was fun to hang and talk!

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  1. So far we're still not sick! yippee! Hope you are feeling better soon!



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