Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where we go from here

I have been thinking about where to take my farm from here. I love what I do. I know I closed the CSA portion, but do intend to reopen it someday. I think after the last two years I need to scrap everything I had been doing and start again from scratch. I want to do some more research into other farm models, and will be going back to pure basics. The off weather the last couple years did a number on the garden soil, which will need to be built back up before I do anything too intense. I plan on growing mainly for my family, a friends' and then for market. Another up and coming farm has agreed to share space at some local farmer's markets. That takes a lot of pressure off if I have too much crop failure, as was the case this year. I found that trying to run the csa with kids in tow (and the possibility of more always a, well, possibility) is too difficult until they are older and in less need of constant attention. So, back to basics, which, honestly sounds great. I may find that just having a loyal client base at the markets makes me happy as well. I know working/trading ideas with another farm has me excited in and of itself. We will continue to grow and diversify the poultry flock, which had some rough hits this year with death (I had no clue that turkeys and geese were so silly). I also am looking to build a permanent chick area in the bigger chicken pen so they have more time to adjust to each other before being integrated fully, and need to build a goat shelter off the pen, as well as have fence put in for those goats. I am on Northern Prairie's list for spring, so hopefully through their mentoring program we can start up some goat dairy operation as well. I think I lost my first priority in being pretty self-sustaining then working towards a little income in the excitement of finally getting to live out a dream, and that, coupled with the weather and family issues, left me in a tight spot. But, I love to learn and that I have and continue to do. I am excited at the possibilities and intend to take it all slow...the way things in the country should be;)

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