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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To Do Lists

These days I have so much “to do” that I seem to be making longer lists, and then having to make them item specific-lets post just the house one for now…

  1. New countertops in kitchen since ours are popping up.
  2. handles all over the house-a dear friend has some for us to use, and we will go from there once we get the said handles (I know we’ll get to it someday, Danelle;) )
  3. Paint Family room-DONE!
  4. Curtain rod and curtains in Asher’s room-DONE!
  5. Curtain rod and curtains in music room
  6. curtain rod in master bath
  7. curtain rod and curtain in kitchen
  8. curtain rod and curtain in living room (the rword curtain is now looking rather odd...)
  9. put new rod up in Liv’s room-DONE!
  10. storm door west entrance (watchinf restore for this)
  11. stain decks
  12. Paint front and west doors
  13. move bookshelf downstairs-DONE! (well, its downstairs, but is totally not put back together)
  14. matching lamps in bedroom (hoping for for Christmas)
  15. new floor lamp in living room-DONE!
  16. hideabed family room-DONE! Just need to pick it up, then it will go on the crafty projects list as a first attempt at recovering furniture
  17. Tiebacks master bedroom
  18. photo shelves liv and asher’s rooms
  19. frames around liv and asher’s chalkboards
  20. liv’s toilet brush
  21. toilet sprayer for one of the bathrooms
  22. frame liv’s bathroom mirror
  23. liv’s bathroom cloth shower curtain
  24. paint all the white-In Progress, I only have one bedroom, the kitchen and hallway to go
  25. crochet covers for the bar stools


Then there is the Christmas and crafts list….

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