Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So, when I last wrote Asher and Liv were sick and Harold had gone to the hospital. By Thursday Asher was still running a fever of 104 which I didn’t think was a situation I wanted to haul to Urbandale for the pfarm drop, so, even though it was the last, I emailed everyone and let them know that I would not be doing it, though, everything was available at the farm. I didn’t have any takers, but I felt good about the decision to stay home with my sick boy. I was running off almost no sleep anyhow. That night was no different, and ended up being worse, as at 4 am Andrew came in the living room (I had been sleeping with the kids on the floor all week) to tell me the hospital had called and Harold had had a stroke. So he went up to the ICU while I waited with the kids, letting them sleep until they were ready to wake up. We were up there for a bit, I took Asher to the doctor to make sure he didn’t have strept or an infection and by then his temp was way down and he was doing fine. So back to the hospital, then flew off to Winterset for rehearsal dinner. Harold was stable, though doing pretty awful as far as coherence and physical abilities at that point. Rehearsal goes fine. Saturday I have to cook all the pasta before I left for Winterset, Andrew ended up having to come with me to set up the sound system, which was not in the original plan, then go to the hospital. I cooked all day, and still have shin splints from being on my feet. I sang very well, better than I thought I would as I definitely had a nasty cold by that point. The food turned out great, and we headed out by 9 p.m., exhausted, but fine.
At this point Harold is being put in a nursing home, with us doing transport back to the home from dialysis once a week, which is fine, as it got him into the nearest home. My brother in law’s family now lives (as of last Friday) in the same town and we are only about 15 minutes away. Andrew has been on vacation this week, which has been nice. Oh, and we thought Liv’s bathroom seemed to smell a lot like urine here lately, and were pretty frustrated with it, asking her if she ahd an accident or what the deal was. So Andrew turned on the fan to try and clean the air out a bit and our problem came blowing down on my head-it seems we have mice or birds building a nest above there and it stinks. So, since it is in the attic, I think we may be putting poison up there-at least something. That is the bathroom the “public” uses and it makes us smell like very nasty people. I had recently started using cloth wipes in there for the whole family, and was worried my containment system sucked. Not so much. Ick.

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