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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Harold Update

This is so my reason for closing down the farm. I am so tired. I spent yet another day in the Mercy ER with Harold yesterday. Peeing blood. Couldn't form words. Couldn't walk without assistance. Dizzy. So, after being there six hours I chase down a nurse, since all we could get out of anyone is that he is being taken for this or that test, and they finally tell me, oh, yeah, we are admitting him. Uh,yeah, I have a ten month old and a four year locked in a little room with glaring fourescent lights-when did you find that out? Oh, a while ago. Nice. Thanks for telling me. So, at the verge of tears from the headache (the lights) and my kids, who were really very good through all this, we finally got a call from ex-wife, and we can go home, she will stay with him until he gets moved to a room. And wouldn't you know it, the dr. finally comes in once I am gone. And you know what he has to say? We don't know what or why. Great. But they kept him. We will see where we go from here today. In the meantime, I am milking him being taken care by someone else, (according to hospital rules if discharged today he must be picked up before midnight-that's it) for all its worth and canning apples, applesauce, making banana marmalade, and got word that I have more apples, grapes and pears coming to me soon. Sigh...I love the fall. I just with I had more time away from Harold to do all the things I love about it. But I did put on a pot-not a microwaved mug-of tea this morning, which was great and autumn-ish.


  1. It's so hard taking care of an ill person, isn't it? You've had more than your share of crap like ER trips, though. I wonder what the issue is that continually causes these episodes. They really don't think it's strokes? Stumbling, difficulty speaking. I mean, insulin or blood sugar difficulties could cause that, too, but it would be easy to diagnose. Same with buildup of toxins from the dialysis not working as it should. Small strokes might be missed, unless they're doing MRIs or whatever on his head.

  2. I have mentioned I don't know how many times that his mom has mini strokes all the time, and they have yet to run any tests to see. They said his blood work doesn't show strokes. I think they are missing something really important. It is not normal, even in an ill person, to need to visit the ER once a month. His blood sugar has been fine-very stable. Granted I am the insulin nazi, but never the less. He is staying at least overnight again tonight, so we will see what the nurses say when we go up tonight.


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