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Friday, September 12, 2008

Business review

When Better Herbs opened up in Altoona, I was psyched, hoping that it would serve as a nearby substitute for things I often drive to Des Moines for. They do stock a number of items (although, unfortunately, very few of the certain brands or types I prefer), but as I found the several times I have been in there, are rather hostile towards families. The first couple times I simply felt tension when I was in there with the kids. This last time will be my last time. Liv shops with me all the time. She knew we were stopping for bananas and milk, two items I am religious about buying organically. She walked in the door, calmly, and picked up two bunches of bananas, set them on the counter, then proceeded to browse. Not touching anything. Just looking. I grabbed the other two items I needed and sat Asher on the ground so I could write a check. There were no signs about not taking them. But AFTER the cahsier (who I am assuming is also the owner from my experiences with him) handed me the pen and watched me write Better Herbs in the to section, he asked me if I had debit or credit. I said yes, after which he proceeded to explain being charged to take checks now, and some small sign way up high on a wall. Fine. So, I got out my debit card and he rang it up. But, while doing so, Asher decided to look at some little brown medicine bottles of whatever concoctions. I quickly ushered him away, but the man thought this was not enough and jumps from around the counter and grabs his hand and starts griping about breaking the bottles because they are glass. I was pretty upset at this point, as he had also been exaaggeratedly moving around to see wherever Liv was everytime she moved. Because she might rob the store or something. There was a sign I then noticed about not letting your kids tough anything for hygiene issues. Um, right. I should have licked my fingers and picked my nose and then touched everything in the stinking store. I know plenty of old men (ahem, the ogre) who are far dirtier and unhygienec than my daughter, who washes her hands more than stinking hospital nurses. Oh, and the whole bottles breaking thing irked me because this man apparently had never used his products. I own many essential oils and homeopathic remedies that come in those same bottles. I have personally tested their strength many times on my vinyl floor as I knocked them or accidentally threw them across it. They didn't break. The store was CARPETED. They were going to break. He just apparently doesn't need my business.


  1. I totally hear you--I will never go there. I've been there twice. E opened one of the glass doors for me, and he rushed right over and warned us of fingerprints. Um, hello?

  2. That's too bad. It's been on my list of places to stop by and now I don't see that happening. Why open a store in a family friendly suburb if you don't like kids?


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