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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter with Our Family

I was so happy with Easter this year. It ended up being split between three days. So nice. No chaos. No hurry. I think all our holidays should be this way. Saturday we went to my in-laws church like we do every year for the easter egg hunt, which Pony Gal loves. It doesn't last long, but we don't hide eggs here, so that is her big thrill.

That evening we attended our church's service and then went home to relax...well, no. I was going to start a lot of the food I was taking with me to my in laws the next day, but ended up falling asleep with Superboy-not what I planned but apparently I needed it!
So, Sunday morning I got up early (for me) and made three hashbrown casseroles, two loaves of beer bread, fruit dip and homemade filled doughnuts. I love to cook but, check out the kitchen chaos leftover-that is just the crumbs.

You couldn't see the counter before 'cause it was so full of gadgets, dishes, wrapper and such. Then we had brunch at Dad's mom's, which was relaxed and lovely. I think I like Easter brunch. We were there all day, instead of speeding off after a couple hours to my mom's.

Her Easter was Monday evening, for which I cooked all day at her house. We held off so my sister would be home from her internship in KC. My bro ended up getting called into work, so he couldn't make it, but it was nice, nevertheless. In all, much easier on our family than the hustle and bustle we usually deal with.

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