Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lazy Day

I feel like such a goon right now. We were supposed to go the firestation in Big City West with IHE today, but ended up not making it. And someone else could have had our spot had we known we weren't going. Unfortunately it just kind of happened. We got up too early this morning, to help out my sister (which was not a problem, because I always enjoy seeing you), then went to the local babywearing meeting. I enjoyed seeing all the different mamas there, although my shy nature prevented me from being too active. I basically sat and watched them try different slings, all of which looked far too complicated for my taste. I like my asian carrier. And the one piece tube style carrier I have on my wishlist at Wallypop is nice and easy also. But, either way being as pregnant as I am, nothing was going to fit too comfortably so trying anything on was futile today. Pony Gal got to be with other kids, though, and I got to talk to a few moms, all of whom I actually already knew from other things. I think we will make it a regular visit with us, though. So then we went to lunch with Dad, as I was too tired to pack something for him last night. That was fine but I found that Pony Gal and I both were looking pretty sorry and dragging major booty, so we went home afterward rather than to Big City West. By the time we were about seven minutes away from daddy, she was out. And as soon as we got home I laid her down in our bed, took care of a few small things, and laid down with her as my head hurt so bad from lack of sleep that I was no longer at a functioning level. I had also let me blood sugar get way low, a no no with this pregnancy as it then it takes a while to get back to where it should be. Next thing I know a fly wakes me up and it is 3:30-a nearly 2 1/2 hour nap. How did that happen? Actually, Pony Gal is still asleep. We obviously need that extra 30-45 minutes that we missed in the morning. We are going to be hurting units when the baby comes. But in the end, today was just one of those perfect days for siestas. Nice and cool. I lit some candles, opened the windows and had some hot cocoa. I still have to work-as Tuesday is harvest day for the farm, but sister is coming over to help so hopefully it will go quickly. I still feel drained. This back and forth weather seems to do a number.

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